Sunday, November 21, 2010


as a child, christmas is one of the most amazing and exciting holidays you could ever imagine. waiting for the reindeer's hooves to sound on the roof, and the jingle of santa's sleigh was something so extraordinary it could only be explained bye magic. this was christmas in the movies, this was christmas through a child's eyes. however, as you grow up, christmas becomes a little less intriguing, with the exposure of the santa's fraudulent identity and for some reason, you realize how terribly marketed christmas becomes, the money, the grumpy attitudes, how greedy people act during this so called "happy holiday season". three years ago i lost my christmas spirit. that's right, gone, goodbye, vamooshed. someting was missing; i was depressed; i didn't believe anymore. i still believed in the reason we have it, jesus was still number one in my life, but... everything was wrong. then something happened. when thomas and i started dating, everything seemed to turn around. my paradigm changed, i was somewhat optimistic... about life! now, three years later i am planning my first christmas party and cannot wait to put up decorations!

this year i have decided to get everything at thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales. i want to make decorations and make them different! this years theme - steampunk! i am so excited about this. you don't see it very often. the victorian era is one of my favorite and i can't wait to find gears, pocket watches, vacuum tubes for decorations! this should a christmas in the making!

i still hate how christmas is marketed, it should be about God, family, and friends, but my spirit is back, and i want to help people everywhere remember the real meaning of christmas!

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