Friday, May 10, 2013

What She Made: DIY Magnet Chalkboard

      Chalkboard paint is pretty easy to come by. It's in every craft and home improvement store around. However, it is a little expensive. My solution to everything that's expensive; just make it! I wanted a chalkboard for my art/craft studio, but I also wanted it to be magnetized so I could stick memos and notes up.

When I found a piece of thick sheet metal in our garage, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

I like making my own because you can make any color you like! 
     What you need is paint of any type and color (I just used craft paint) and un-sanded tile grout. Yup, that's it! Next, I mixed about a cup of paint with two tablespoons of the grout. Mix well! It will still be a little gritty but you can get rid of that later.

     If you are one of those patient people that don't mind waiting then you can prime your piece. Me? I'm not one of those patient people so I bypassed the priming stage (Also, I didn't have any on hand and didn't want to go to the store). I painted one coat with a regular bristle brush and let it dry. After covering the whole piece, I then took a foam roller and gave it another good coat. 

It only needed two coats but as I was rolling I kept scratching the surface; so I  went ahead and gave it one last coat. It's optional though. 
     After you let it completely dry, Take a very fine-grit piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the entire board. 

After sanding.
Next, I took a piece of chalk and used the side to "condition" the board.

Just use the side; if you use the point it will take forever!
     Once you are done "conditioning" the board, get a damp paper towel and wipe down the entire board. This helps remove excess pigments left by the paint.

And voila`! 

Learn more about Small Change here!
You know have your very own, custom made, magnet chalkboard! 

I'm not an expert; I just do this for a living.
-- Amanda

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Decorating Tips and Tricks: "Formal Sitting Room/Entry Way"

     Not so long ago, people had designated rooms in their houses for certain things. Now, don't get me wrong, some people still do, but I like to be a little more creative with my spaces.

This is right as you walk through the front door. I love cozy corners. 
     When my husband and I first bought our house, the rooms were named, like usual, the "Formal Living Room", the "Formal Dining Room", etc. I know sometimes when you see these labels it's hard to invision anything else there. For me, I have close my eyes and remove all the labels from the rooms and think of what I would put there.

Thomas and I are a musical family. This bench easily holds all his drum hardware. 
     When you first walk into our house, all you really see is a big space. Now, the labels called it a "Formal Living Room" but I didn't really want the "Formal Living Room" to be right when you enter. I really wanted to break up the space. So what I did was make an entry way/sitting space where the "formal living room" was suppose to be and make the "formal dining room" the living room. I know some people still like to have that formal dining space for special occasions, but my house is a little smaller so I didn't feel like I needed it.

Get creative! I turned this ammo crate into shelving. 

I'll post more pics later. I've been doing some rearranging because we are going to get a piano soon. So i've been racking my brain figuring out where to put it!

I'm not a professional; I just do this for a living.
-- Amanda 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What She's Been Doing: Theatre!

I've been neglecting this lately because i've been soooo busy! But I think my life is about to slow down and i'll get back to fashion and home decor.

I've been doing The Follies! If you click there it will tell you all about it. It has been an exciting experience and I cannot wait to do it again!

I've made a ton of new friends and some forever memories.

Working on the Finale

'Bout to do some Disco Dancing! 

Fly Like an Eagle

Opening Number!

Definitely one of my favorites! 
Professional photos by: Kim Cartier