Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Decorating Tips and Tricks - Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are often a focal point in your home, whether operating or not. (Unfortunately, mine is non-functioning.) However, the functionality of your fireplace has nothing to do with how great it looks! 

In Texas you really don't get much use out of it, but sometimes it's just nice to have a fire in the wintertime (Yes, it does get cold here in the winter. Just not for very long.) 

I like to mix patterns and shapes to give it an interesting look
Some people think less is more. Some people think more is well, more. I think: Whatever you like is how you should do it. Not everyone will like your style but if you enjoy it then go for it. After all, aren't you the one that is going to look at it day after day? That's what I thought. 

So, here a few tips and tricks for decorating your mantel:

* It doesn't matter your style - more or less - levels are the most important!

* Be eclectic - your mantel should represent you

* Show off some of your own work - everyone has a little artist in them

* Mirrors - mirrors are a great way to add character as well as opening up a room

* Work with it - If you don't like it start over 
(I worked with mine for days, changing my mind and moving things around)

Note some family pieces and original artwork
* Statement pieces - you really want something to draw the observers eye 

* Texture - you don't want it all to have the same surface, BORING! 

*Pattern - mix it up! Give your eyes a ride; it's much more fun!

Also some things to consider are your colors. You don't have to necessarily match them, but more importantly, coordinate them.

Well, there you have it! I hope this helps you out; so go and re-do your mantel. I know you want too. 

P.S. Not an expert, I just do this for a living. 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring is Among Us

As spring and summer are fast approaching us, the only thing on my mind is ... HOT. And in every sense of the word. In Texas is starts to warm up pretty quick and I can't stand it. There, I said it. I can't stand the summer and I equally despise the heat. I wish it could be fall time all year, but alas, it cannot.

One thing about summer is that I never feel "pretty". I guess that's the simplest way to put it. When I walk outside sweat is instantly drawn to the surface to smudge any makeup and frizz any efforts to smooth my hair. Then I just feel gross the rest of the day.

However, even if my attempts are futile, I still manage to put forth some effort to look decent in the hot months of Texas.

Tank: H&M
Shorts: Forever 21
Sometimes I feel as if I am in mourning during the summer. Hahaha.

Boots: Thrifted 

Cropped Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever21
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Forever21
I guess the best I can do with my hair is to let it be more natural in the summer. It's naturally frizzy so I try my harest to make it look decent, but sweat as a hair product is not usually my ideal technique for manageable hair.

But, I guess a girls got to do what a girls got to do. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Boots and Rilakkuma

Have you ever put an outfit together just for your shoes? Ya, I knew it. I have several pairs of shoes that I often build an outfit around. I decided to utilize my stirrup leggings that I got at a thrift store. I think that last time I wore stirrup leggings was when I was eight in the 90's. So, I decided to bust them out again.

End result: 

Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt : Forever 21
Long Camisole: H&M
Black Stirrups: Thrifted
Grey Ankle Heeled Booties: Forever 21
I also adore my Rilakkuma Phone case! It's actually really comfy in my hand and not too bulky. 

I swear one of these days I'll get a decent camera so you can see better what i'm wearing. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gradient Glitter Nails

Happy friday! I hope everyone is having a great day! Me? I get to go car shopping! It's exciting but annoying at the same time. I got in a wreck a few days ago (it was not my fault!) and fully paid off 2007 Toyota Yaris was completely totaled. I know sad day but, what can you do about it?

I was at my sisters house and she had the cutest gray gradient nails! I just had to replicate them (using different colors of course)

Anyway, with out further ado my gradient nails! For this project I used Orly Nail Laquer in Cotton Candy:

I also used Etude House Nail Polish (The white one):

I started with a base coat of the Orly Polish (two coats) and let them dry. I put a clear top coat on and let it dry completely! Next I put a thin coat of the Etude nail polish over all the nail. After that I went back and and just put a coat halfway up the nail (this is how you get the gradient effect). I think they turned out pretty good! 

After that dried I finished with a clear top coat! Try it yourself in different colors.